Tips for Working from Home During COVID-19

Tips for Working from Home During COVID-19 While we are thankful to have jobs, it can be an overwhelming transition to go from working in an office to suddenly being at home around your family/roommates! Here are tips to get your stress level down, and help bring a sense of normalcy to life in an unpredictable time.

Self care It can be tempting to stay in your pajamas and put that shower off for one more day, but taking care of yourself like you normally do can make a world of difference in your mental state and energy. Get up, get dressed, shower, and carry out the normal routine you’d have if you were physically going into work. Being disciplined and productive with the small things can snowball into being productive in the bigger things, so take care of yourself as though you aren’t in quarantine.

Create a specific workspace Sitting at the kitchen table or other shared living space may not be the best place to work if you live with kids, a spouse, parents, etc. as it can be very distracting and inefficient to be interrupted frequently -- plus, it may take you longer to get your work done. If possible, dedicate a quiet, specific space in your home to be your workspace every day; somewhere you can work in silence and be most productive.

Make and stick to a consistent schedule If you don’t have a 9-5 schedule to stick to, are no longer going into an office, and aren’t used to having your family around all day, it can be difficult to get work done. Sticking to a consistent schedule can help you and your family to know when it’s time to interact versus time to be productive, and can help you make the time to get your work done in a timely fashion.

Get on the same page with your family/those you live with Be sure to communicate with those in your household what your schedule will look like and where your workspace is located. Especially if your dedicated work area will need to be in a common space, being on the same page will help everyone to know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play.

Get out of the house to clear your head Take the time to get some fresh air and vitamin D! Clear your head from stressful work; being stuck inside all the time with the same people around or no one around can be taxing on your mental state. Go for a walk, run, neighborhood or woodland hike (keeping “social distancing” guidelines in mind, of course), or lay out in the sun to get your summer tan started.

Make time for your family and friends Take frequent breaks if you are able so you can cherish your time with those you love who are home too! Remember to connect virtually with friends and those who bring you joy. If you tend to enjoy your work, make sure you aren’t overworking yourself -- without coworkers around to help que you when it’s time to go home, it can be easy to get caught up in work all day and miss taking advantage of this time to get other things done, or spend time with those you love.

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