Your must-have diaper balm for sensitive skin. 

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Easy. Safe. Effective. CLEAN!

Remedies for your skin sensitive family.

 EmBeba® was founded by 2 moms who believe in creating solution-driven products steeped in tradition. EmBeba’s products are all carefully curated remedies and ingredients that have been tried and tested for generations from around the globe. They are then reformulated using modern technology to bring you effective CLEAN skincare for sensitive skin, that your entire family will love. 


Natural & Naturally-derived


Fragrance Free

Pesticide Residues Tested

Chemical Free

Cruelty Free

All Our Products Are EmBeba® CLEAN

We believe it matters what you put on your skin and so we use limited, high-quality ingredients and produce in small batches!

Meet some of our ingredients


Immune-boosting oil


Strong antioxidant properties


Makes skin softer

Chickweed Herb

Aids in pain relief

Peppermint Leaf

Helps reduce redness

Arnica Flower

Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties

Meet our PRODUCT

Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm 

Price: $14.99

Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm, is a soothing diaper balm for the baby’s bum. Originally created and used in the Bosnian countryside to help soothe skin from working hard on the farm during the harsh winter.

Generation-Tested, Family-Approved™

How we got our start!

On a family trip to the Bosnian countryside one summer, Thai-Anh’s baby had a severe diaper rash and eczema breakout. The family brought along the usual diaper and skin creams from the big box stores, but those “tried and true” products couldn’t help soothe the flare-up. A local family member gifted Thai-Anh with a homemade balm straight from nature. The balm contained skin nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing herbs and flowers from the family garden that helped protect the baby’s sensitive skin from moisture while wearing a diaper. This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby. 

That’s where the first seed was planted – why don’t we share this recipe with others who have this issue? So we decided to create a Generation-Tested, Family Approved™ remedy for your skin-sensitive family.


*Results may not represent a typical customer experience

“…I recently tried out the EmBeba product for myself and it has been
wonderfully effective. The product was very effective in soothing my
eczema flares. I also used it on my skin even after being stunned by a
hornet this summer and it helped soothe the inflammation on the
skin very well. I would recommend this product for all ages for
eczema or irritating reactions of the skin…”
Dr. Nguyen

Board Certified Pediatrician, Virgina

“I have tried many creams with no avail.  After only using the diaper balm a few times, I could already see a difference in my baby.  Her skin was calming down and the irritation and redness was starting to fade.”

– Feb. 20, 2019 Saugus, MA

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