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Superhero. When we hear this word, we think of someone in a cape flying around fighting crime. That’s fun comic book material, but nowadays most real-world superheroes are found sporting yoga pants, a messy bun, no makeup, and a mug of coffee that has been reheated three times.

In case you didn’t guess by the description: moms -- moms are the real-world superheroes! (Also, shoutout to the MVP dads out there!! We see you.). While we may not all fight crime, we certainly fight for and protect our families. When our sweet, tiny humans arrive earthside, we experience elation, joy, and love so strong we think our heart might burst.

But we also get nervous; how are we fully entrusted with the life of this helpless human?! Someone forgot to include a user manual! Thankfully, we have an innate Mama Bear that desires to fiercely protect our cubs from harm (watch out skin irritations, we’re coming for you).

What can cause discomfort in our newborns, toddlers, and kids? How do we relieve it??

One of the harmful things that can affect our little ones are skin issues! Their soft skin is prone to irritations and reactions because of its sensitivity, and it reacts to the frequently changing atmosphere around them. Many baby products can also damage your little’s skin, since most are made with harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates (bye, Felicia).

Skin irritations in newborns

These are some of the most common skin irritations that can make babies upset and cranky, although there are unfortunately plenty more. When our babies are upset, we tend to get upset -- we just want to help them feel better! Cue the extra cup of coffee (and the tears).

1) Eczema:

Eczema is one of the most common skin irritations in newborns. It is a kind of rash that can consist of tiny red bumps, or may make the baby's skin look dry and scaly. Some inherit this rash (thanks, genetics!) and some get it from environmental factors.

2) Diaper rash:

Diaper rash happens when a baby wears a wet diaper for a long period of time. It typically occurs from the reaction of the chemicals in the diaper crystals with the acidity of the baby's excrement -- basically a science experiment in a diaper. And not the fun kind.

3) Heat rash:

This kind of rash occurs when the sweat ducts inside baby’s skin get blocked, and the sweat gets trapped in them, then creates fluid-filled bumps on the skin.

Ideas to keep your baby safe from rashes:

  • Change diapers early and often! When a diaper is continually filled with excrement, the moisture, air, and chemicals reacting together can cause rashes.
  • Do not rub your baby's bum -- instead, just pat them dry. This decreases the chance of irritating the skin, and we always like that.
  • Always apply an ointment (free of fragrance!) as a preventative measure before you put a diaper back on.
  • Go diaper-free whenever possible! We know this may sound strange, but try it -- let them run in the backyard or put up a gate inside, because going diaperless will let the skin breathe and be free of moisture, which in turn can help prevent rashes!
  • Limit acidic foods and drinks. Citrus fruits and juices can often cause explosive (and nasty!) poops that can sting the tush.
  • Dress your little one in loose, lightweight clothes, and remove layers if he or she seems too warm. This will help prevent heat rash.

Remedies for babies:

When we talk about remedies, the best option is usually natural remedies. Why? Because natural remedies come directly from Mother Nature, where our bodies are from!

Natural, homemade remedies are potent and have been used effectively for generations. We get them from our own real-life superhero (mother), who got them from her mother, who got them from her mother, and so on. There aren’t many companies that embrace truly natural remedies, but thankfully some are catching on that we mothers want products that both work AND are safe for our babies!

Enter EmBeba, a natural diaper plus all-over balm made BY mothers FOR mothers -- a product that is not only safe for the most sensitive skin, but it also WORKS! Imagine that.

EMBEBA: Originated from a family trip to the Bosnian countryside.

Meet Thai-Anh, a mother and wife, who went on a trip with her beautiful family to the Bosnian Countryside during the summer season. Their visit was lovely, until skin irritations struck...

Due to the use of commercially marketed diapers, her baby developed both a diaper rash and an eczema breakout (yikes!)! She tried every balm on the market, but nothing worked. Seeing their distress, a local family member was kind enough to lend a helping hand, and provided Thai-Anh with a homemade balm containing the essence of nature.

They told her the homemade balm contained skin-nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing herbs and flowers from their own backyard garden, and that the balm would help and protect the baby's skin. Not long after using this miraculous balm, her baby’s diaper rash was healed! Her family continued on enjoying their vacation and lived happily ever after.

This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby. A seed was planted in Thai-Anh’s mind that natural, effective, tried-and-true remedies are the secret to true health for our little ones.

To share this beautiful and magical avenue of love, Thai-Anh created EMBEBA: a Generation-Tested, Family Approved™ company that provides remedies for your skin-sensitive family! (Yes, yours!)

Now, how should you choose a diaper cream or balm?

A baby's skin is very reactive and sensitive, so it is essential to use a product that will protect their skin. Also, a product with minimal ingredients will be much better since there won’t be any preservatives, fillers, or other unnecessary chemicals. As a parent, it’s so important to check labels and understand what’s going on our child’s skin!

It’s written into EmBeba’s high standard of CLEAN to use limited ingredients and no filler ingredients, for maximum safety and efficacy. Also, the continuous use of our balm helps with the prevention of rashes as well, which is a unique quality! Along with diaper balm we also offer Don't Be Rash Diapers.

Special features about the product

Don't be Rash™ Diaper + All Over Balm is 100 % natural! It is Safe and Green, Sustainable, Natural and Naturally-derived, Fragrance-Free, Chemical-Free, and Cruelty-Free. It does not contain any steroids, harsh chemicals, or preservatives. It is like a flower plucked directly from the garden.

We also test our products under different specialists to ensure the utmost safety and efficacy. Our products are Pediatrician-Tested, Heavy Metal Tested, Pesticide Residues Tested, Allergy and Sensitive Tested, Dermatologist Tested and have also undergone the Microbial, Yeast & Mold Test!

Diaper balm (in the form of a giant Chapstick)

We have ensured that the product is as effective as possible, while also being convenient, accessible, and affordable for today's modern family! The balm comes in the shape of a big Chapstick, making it easy to apply with NO MESS! Woo! Skip the jars and creams, just push this baby up and you are good to go. It’s so easy your little stinker just might do it for you. ;)

It really can be used ALL OVER!

While marketed for diaper rash, our balm can be used all over the body! Yes, you can even use the same balm you used on your baby’s bum for other parts of the body, because it is extremely antimicrobial (basically it cleans itself of germs).

You can use this balm for bums, bug bites, lips, sunburns, face, hands, underboob, and any other part that suffers from dry skin or a rash!

Why trust EMBEBA?

  • We list every single ingredient and provide a reason why it is used, to be as transparent as possible and give parents peace of mind. What you see is what you get!
  • We prefer prevention over treatment. We believe it is better to protect our babies from painful ailments whenever possible, instead of waiting for them to happen and then treating them. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

EMBEBA for the whole family in 2021!

Since EMBEBA is a brand that focuses on products for families that are prone to allergies or rashes, we will be releasing five new products directly from our secret garden in 2021!

As with our Don't Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm, all of our products will be designed for anyone suffering from eczema or other sensitive skin issues. They will be designed to be effective; to actually WORK! They will be designed to make our life as moms (and dads) just a little bit easier, cleaner, and safer.

Our first few products were designed for infants and young children, but our full line of products will target the entire family. In fact, Thai-Anh currently uses Don’t Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm on herself as a moisturizer, for eczema flare-ups, and even as a lip balm. As a mom, products that do double duty are a huge win!

Now grab your balm and your cape, and go tackle the day (or your kids)!

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