5 reasons to soothe diaper rash & sensitive skin with EmBeba’s Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm

Ready to get rid of diaper rash and get back to fun? Made by families for families, EmBeba safely soothes and prevents diaper rash on the most sensitive skin!

1. Apply In A Single, Mess-Free Swipe

Ditch the extra applicators and messy hands. Clean hands, happy baby! 

2. Only Intentional, All-Natural Ingredients

We use high quality ingredients that serve a purpose. No fillers, no phthalates, no nonsense.

3. Rigorously Tested With Effective Results 

Tested by parents, dermatologists and pediatriciations, too. Don’t Be Rash™ Diaper Balm is FDA, EU and Whole Food Certified! 

4. Travel Safe 

Goodbye to the days of diaper bag explosions! Our innovative packaging was made to keep up with you and your family. 

5. Made By Parents, For Parents

Founded by moms who get it…all the struggles of sensitive skincare and the joy of clear skin and happy kids. EmBeba is a simple skincare solution made with your family in mind. 

Ready to relieve your little one’s diaper rash?

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