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Generation-Tested, Family Approved

Remedies For Your Skin Sensitive Family® carefully curated from around the globe! Traditional remedies passed down for generations reformulated with the help of modern technology for the whole family.


Our Company’s Story

On a family trip to the Bosnian countryside one summer, Thai-Anh’s baby had a severe diaper rash and eczema breakout. The family brought along the usual diaper and skin creams from the big box stores, but those “tried and true” products couldn’t help soothe the flare-up. A local family member gifted Thai-Anh with a homemade balm straight from nature. The balm contained skin nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing herbs and flowers from the family garden that helped protect the baby’s sensitive skin from moisture while wearing a diaper. This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby. 

That’s where the first seed was planted – why don’t we share this recipe with others who have this issue? So we decided to create a Generation-Tested, Family Approved™ remedy for your skin-sensitive family.

What We Believe In

Tested For Generations

We use proven remedies and ingredients that have been tried and tested for generations and reformulated to meet your whole family’s needs from around the globe.


We adhere to the European Union’s Cosmetic Safety Standard, Whole Food Market Banned Ingredients List, and FDA regulations. We also run our products through rigorous testing throughout the entire product development with dermatologists and pediatricians.


We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers and work with our labs to create the best quality products while keeping it affordable for your family and producing only in small batches.


We prioritize natural and naturally-derived ingredients when making our products. We only use safe synthetic ingredients when natural or naturally-derived ingredients are not available, in order to preserve the integrity of our formulation. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by using sustainable sources to ensure that our children’s generation has a cleaner earth.

What is EmBeba® CLEAN?

Priority on natural and naturally-derived ingredients

Adherence to safety regulations from the EU, Whole Foods, FDA, and other experts.


Focus on limited ingredients (no fillers)

Thorough safety testing throughout the product lifecycle with additional testing procedures created by EmBeba.

Free of fragrance and essential oils added

Ingredients that stabilize the formulation delivery system

Product Promise

We only make products our family would use!

EmBeba® believes in creating solution-driven products steeped in tradition with generation-tested ingredients and remedies from around the world.  We try to replicate these remedies as closely as possible, while maintaining efficacy and safety for our families, especially for the littlest ones.  Our philosophy is to bring these hidden gems back and make it even better with the help of modern technology.  We are transparent with our families on all the ingredients that are used and why they are there.

How We Make Our Products


Our inspiration for our products comes in all shapes and sizes and in all different ways. Our recipes come from parents, older generations, history books, and traveling to discover the tried and true Generation Tested, Family Approved™️ products.


Knowing about a remedy isn’t enough! We want to know what, how, and why these tried and trusted recipes work! Through exhaustive research on ingredients. We want to know ALL. THE. THINGS to make it work!


We formulate our products using the best partner labs and the best ingredients! Through multiple steps, we sample, test, and refine until our formula is just right!


Through extensive testing done by independent 3rd party labs, we are able to produce clean, safe, and effective sensitive skin solutions for the whole family.

Our Testing

Quality ingredients are the cornerstone of EmBeba’s products. Our rigorous testing provides transparency into our ingredients.

Microbial Yeast & Mold Testing
Heavy Metal Testing
Pesticide Residue Testing
Dermatologist Tested
Pediatrician Tested
Allergy and Sensitivity Tested

Our Product Speaks for Itself!

“We’ve really enjoyed using it. Christopher actually has been getting a rash (during summer) around his bum area, so it was the perfect time to test the product.

Christopher, who is 2.5 years old, loves the balm. He loves loves loves the packaging, and the panda doctor. The packaging design and color is super appealing; very clever and spot on. Because of the packaging, he loves applying the balm on himself during the day and the circumference of the balm package is the perfect size for little hands, so that’s another huge plus. I do like the texture and scent (which is light), and Christopher seems to like it too. Last night, he told me he wanted the panda doctor cream, and not the other diaper cream. Lol.” August 2020, NYC

“The diaper balm cleared up my daughter’s eczema and it’s so cute and easy to use that my daughter would grab it from me and do it herself. She certainly wasn’t doing that with the creams. It not only healed her skin but gave her a bit of independence and when she wasn’t looking, I used it on my hands too!” – March 2020, Lynnfield, MA

Brand Ambassador Philosophy

All of our ambassadors are named “me” in the different languages from which our family remedies originate. We are passionate about educating our children about different cultures and their many benefits.

Meet “JA” – Brand Ambassador #1

Meet “Ja”, pronounced “ya”! Ja means me in Bosnian. Ja allows children to identify with and become the character, learning, and experiencing EmBeba in a multicultural, educational experience designed to propel them to confidence and success while having a TON OF FUN.

Embeba is Founded by Moms to Ease Skin Problems

Thai-Anh Hoang

Co-Founder & CEO

Kids: 1 girl and soon to be 1 boy

Pets: 2 (dog and turtle)

Favorite Beverage: Plum Wine with Seltzer

Favorite Dessert: Japanese Green Tea Crepe Cake

Favorite Food: Sushi

Likes: Flowers

Dislikes: People who spit on the street

Hobbies: Gardening and browsing the IKEA catalog

My Le

Co-Founder, Operation & Client Service

Kids: 2 boys

Pets: none

Favorite Beverage: Water & Wine (specifically red wine)

Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu, crepe cake, macarons

Favorite Food: Anything that tastes good

Likes: Nature

Dislikes: People who say one thing and mean another

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, and watching Asian dramas

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