What is the most effective diaper rash balm?

When looking at diaper rash balms, it can get overwhelming! There are so many different kinds on the market from different brands, all advertising that theirs is the most effective, or that theirs will help your baby the best, etc. Because of this, finding the most effective diaper rash balm for your baby can be a bit hard to do. So, where do you start? We can help with that.

The right ingredients

The first thing to look for when finding the most effective diaper balm for your baby is the ingredients. Products that contain ingredients you can’t pronounce could potentially be harmful chemicals that could have long or short term effects on your baby’s health. Baby diaper balms with natural ingredients that you recognize, know what they are, and know why they are there are typically a better option.

Products with ingredients that are there for the purpose of healing are not only more trustworthy, but also more effective. Products that contain ingredients that are just for preserving the product, or are fillers to make more product go a longer way, make the product less effective since the helpful ingredients are being diluted with the filler ingredients. Look for ingredients you’d find in nature, and understand what those ingredients do.

Ingredients like beeswax and olive oil are great for soothing, while calendula and arnica are good for pain relief, and ingredients like rosemary helps with healing. Find products that contain ingredients like these (and more) and do a quick internet search to find out what they are good for. On the flip side, search on some of the bigger brand ingredients you can’t pronounce and see why they are there -- are they going to help your baby? If not, there is no reason to buy that brand or product.

Use smaller companies

The big brand companies are unfortunately not known for their safe and effective ingredients. On the contrary, the manufacturing practices of many of the bigger companies can make the product less safe and effective because they produce their product in bigger batches, making it more likely to get bacteria in the product and have the products potentially go rancid, making the product not only not as effective but potentially harmful. Bigger companies also spend a lot on advertising because they want to make a lot of money, not necessarily because they want to help your family or your baby.

Many smaller companies are also born from the realization that a lot of the companies on the market aren’t meeting the needs of helping parents solve the challenge of diaper rash, so they have come up with a product that is likely more effective that one you might simply find on a grocery store shelf.

Many smaller companies are started by moms in order to help moms so they formulate their products with something that is usually more effective. While it might be a little more time consuming up front, the initial payoff of researching a company and finding out their background can help you find a trustworthy company.

Don’t be afraid to try a few!

Don’t be afraid to try a few companies! Buy a couple different diaper rash balms and see which one is the most effective diaper balm for your baby. Compare different factors of each one like the ingredients, how long it took for your baby’s rash to go away, the ease of use for you as the parent, mess factor, etc.

We hope this helps you find the most effective diaper rash balm for your baby! What brands do you use, trust, and find to be the most effective?

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