What is Sensitive Skincare?

Many people who buy skincare products will also see a “sensitive skin” version of the product they love, and wonder what the difference is between their product and the one formulated for sensitive skin. Many don’t realize that they might need the sensitive skin alternative as well! Here are some ways you can tell if you have sensitive skin, and if you might need to start using sensitive skincare products.

Sensitive skin is usually skin that flushes and/or irritates easily, whether from diet, stress, or environmental factors. Sometimes your skin may breakout if you get stressed, or you have bumps appear on your skin, or you get red, itchy, flaky skin regularly or seasonally. Or, maybe you are at a loss as to how to help your skin and just need a change! In these instances you likely need skincare that is formulated for sensitive skin.

The difference between regular and sensitive skincare products varies depending on the brand, but it usually means that the one formulated for sensitive skin doesn’t contain (as many) harsh chemicals. They may also contain more natural ingredients like aloe vera and other nourishing remedies.

Warning: not all skincare products labeled for sensitive skin are good for sensitive skin! There really isn’t a standard for skincare products and what falls under the category of being formulated for sensitive skin, so it’s left up to the individual company’s discretion. Some products simply have a few chemicals taken out of them, but some chemicals left in may still not be beneficial, and can even be harmful for sensitive skin.

The best skincare products for sensitive skin are those that are formulated specifically for sensitive skin, and that also don’t contain harsh chemicals -- if you can’t pronounce it, it probably doesn’t belong on your body! However, this is not the case with all ingredients, as sometimes companies will put the scientific name of an ingredient instead of or in addition to the name we are used to hearing. For best results, try to find products with ingredients that come straight from the garden and that you can pronounce and understand. Sensitive skincare should be nourishing and caring for your skin, both in the short term and long term!

Something to understand about sensitive skincare is that it takes consistency. Sometimes products don’t work the way you want them to the first time you use them, but do best over time with consistent use. Remember that caring for your sensitive skin is a long-term journey, not just an overnight fix! Take the time to do your research and try different products to see how your skin reacts, and don’t give up until you find the perfect product for your skin.

Some demographics who are prone to sensitive skin are babies and children, since their skin is so new, and moms since our hormones can change our skin after pregnancy. If you need some sensitive skincare for your family, check out our EmBeba skincare line with ingredients straight from the garden! Made by moms with sensitive skin issues, for moms with sensitive skin issues. We know what it’s like to want a one-stop shop where you can get sensitive skincare for yourself and your kiddos. Happy skincaring!

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