Understanding and Managing Common Baby Skin Concerns

At EmBeba, we're passionate about guiding and supporting you through your baby's skin care journey. Understanding and addressing skin conditions in newborns is not just our business—it's a commitment we hold dear. We're here to share our knowledge and natural solutions, helping you care for your little one's delicate skin with confidence and love.

From one mom to another - Thai-Anh ❤️


1. Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis): Eczema is characterized by dry, itchy, and cracked skin, often starting in infancy. To manage eczema, focus on keeping your baby's skin moisturized. EmBeba's natural, soothing products, free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, are perfect for maintaining your baby's skin hydration and comfort.

2. Baby Acne: About 20% of babies experience baby acne due to maternal hormones. These small pimples usually resolve within three months. During this time, use mild, pH-neutral cleansers and fragrance-free lotions to gently soothe your baby's skin. EmBeba's range of gentle skincare products is designed to care for your baby's sensitive skin without causing further irritation.

3. Milia: Milia are tiny white cysts that appear on a baby's face. It's important not to poke or prod them, as they typically clear up on their own within a few weeks. EmBeba advises patience and gentle care during this time.

4. Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This rash, often caused by drool or food, appears as red patches and pink bumps around the mouth. It's essential to protect the affected areas with a gentle barrier. We recommend our Soothing Balm as an ideal solution for creating a protective layer while simultaneously healing your baby's skin. Formulated with natural, safe ingredients, it's perfect for gently soothing and safeguarding your little one's delicate skin.

5. Impetigo: A contagious infection, impetigo is treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. To prevent impetigo, keep any cuts or scrapes clean and monitor eczema patches for signs of infection.

Navigating your baby's skin concerns can feel overwhelming, but EmBeba is here to help soothe and calm your little one's irritated skin. With a loving touch and our range of naturally effective, soothing skincare products, you can gently nurture their sensitive skin back to comfort and joy. Trust in EmBeba to be your partner in keeping your baby's skin healthy, happy, and protected.  LEARN MORE HERE.

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