Sustainable Packaging Uses - Earth Day 2021

Here at EmBeba we always do our best to care for our earth, like using sustainable packaging for our products, producing our balm in small batches, and using ingredients straight from the garden. So, for this Earth Day we wanted to give you some suggestions of how to reuse and upcycle our sustainable packaging!

Our packaging is currently 100% cardboard (soon it will have a 100% recyclable plastic piece in there too, to help with functionality), which biodegrades much faster than most other packaging materials, so if you throw it away it won’t sit in a landfill or end up in the ocean. It is also reusable and can be upcycled for multiple uses! Here are some ideas of how to reuse our sustainable packaging once empty:

A candy hider

We all know that as soon as we start crinkling a wrapper, our children come running. Their ears perk up and they get this wildly excited look in their eyes as they run over and ask, “What are you eating, Mama?” Or, “Want some! Want some!” Depending on their age. With this super sneaky disguise, no child will recognize that there is a Mommy stash of emergency treats in our empty packaging! Plus there is no crinkly wrapper, so they won’t hear a thing. How to use: once the balm is used up, refill the empty tube with some little pre-wrapped candies, or a little baggy of jelly beans!

A crayon holder

For those times when you’re at a restaurant or waiting for an appointment and need something for the kids to do, store crayons in the empty packaging! That way all you need is some paper or the back of an old receipt, and your kids are entertained, giving you a moment of peace. You can also use this at home as a crayon holder and keep it on a craft table. It can also double as a small toy holder, and you can store little toys in it like LEGOs or Playmobil (age-dependent of course) for those times when they need some extra entertainment on the go.

Entertainment and motor skills

Give the empty packaging to your kids and let their imagination run wild. They will find uses for it like stashing toys in it, taking the top on and off and dropping little things into it, carrying it around like a phone, or putting it in a purse to be just like Mommy. This is so great for their imaginations, and taking the top on and off independently and putting things into it can help with spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.

Let us know, what have you used our sustainable, empty balm packaging for? What do you plan to use it for? Share with us on social media @embebafamily and tag us in your upcycled idea!

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