Summer Skincare

While in the midst of sunshine, sandy beaches, BBQ’s, and vacations, let’s not forget to care for our largest organ! It can be easy to forget, but taking time to care for our skin will pay off in the long run. Here are some tips to care for ourselves on these heat-exposed summer days: Hydrate It’s so important for our bodies to have lots of water in hot weather, but especially good for our skin. As our skin stays moisturized it is less likely to be damaged by the sun and heat, so keep a water bottle close by at all times and be sure to drink roughly half your bodyweight in ounces (or more when sweating). Exfoliate Our skin cells regenerate regularly, but with sun damage and salt water drying out our skin we can get extra dead skin cell buildup in the summer months. Exfoliate a couple times a week to get rid of any buildup, and to give your skin a healthy, invigorating glow. You can purchase exfoliants, make your own homemade sugar scrub, or use a loofah as your preferred method of exfoliation. Moisturize Our skin gets dried out from wind, sun, salt, and heat, so it’s important to keep our skin happ and invigorated by keeping it moisturized. Using a moisturizer with an SPF is an added bonus, as it will not only keep our skin healthy but also protected when going back into the sunshine. Be sure to choose a moisturizer made with natural ingredients and that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, which can actually damage your skin. Care for thin skin Since we aren’t supposed to use sunscreen on places with the most fragile skin, they tend to get forgotten about! These places are our lips and around our eyes. The thin skin around our eyes and on our lips gets exposed to the sun, but not cared for nearly as much as the rest of our face. To remedy this, regularly use chapstick with an SPF to moisturize and protect, and grab a gentle stick of sunscreen specifically made for your face and the tissue around your eyes. Eat the right foods Antioxidants and healthy fats keep our skin healthy and hydrated from the inside out, which helps our skin resist sun damage. Stick to eating hydrating, healthy foods, and stay away from foods that aren’t healthy for your body. Some good foods to eat are berries (antioxidants), seeds and nuts (healthy fats), fruit and vegetables (hydrating). Some foods to stay away from are sugar, processed foods, and dairy, which don’t have the benefits of the aforementioned foods, and they can also do some harm by making your skin irritated or break out. So enjoy the summer sun and the salty waves but be sure to take measures to care for your beautiful skin, so that you may have beautiful skin for many summers to come.