Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

Shamrock Scavenger Hunt Scavenger hunts are the best! They are less messy than forts, good for all ages, and can last for long periods of time. A shamrock scavenger hunt could be the perfect indoor activity for the kids in your house. Shamrock scavenger hunt rules and how to's.
  1. Print out, cut out or draw shamrocks. Let your kids take the time to color and make their shamrocks look pretty. We recommend you make at least 10.
  2. Take turns hiding the shamrocks around your home.
  3. For older kids, have them write out clues to go with each shamrock that is found and leads to the next shamrock.
  4. For younger kids, simply hide the shamrocks and play hot and cold if they need help finding them.
It really is such a simple idea but can be just the thing that you and your kids need!

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