Paper and Cardboard Boats

What can be more fun than a cardboard box or a blank piece of paper? Ok, maybe many things, but for today we are going to unleash our inner creatives and spend some time creating paper and cardboard boats. Grab your littles and your bigs and have a blast creating and racing your boats! Materials you will need:
  • 8x11 sheet of paper
  • crayons
  • cardboard
  • tape
  • stickers, buttons, gems and any other craft supplies you may have laying around.
  • recycled materials
Paper Boats
  1. Get your piece of 8x11 sheet of paper. Fold in half and create a nice long, even crease.
Fold down the top corners, forming two triangles. The side that is being folded is the side with the crease we made in step one. Fold the bottom ends that are loose up towards the triangles. These should look like two rectangles. One on each side. Fold the outside corners down. Flip over and do it on the other side as well. Next open up the start of your boat. it should resemble a hat. Now throw yourself a party because you are halfway there. Fold the now hat into a square. You do this by pulling opposite ends together to form a square. Fold the bottom flap up to the top to form a triangle. The bottom is the open part. You are folding the open part to the closed part. Open the triangle like a hat again and turn into a square. Once you have your square gently pull on the outside corners. Arrange your paper to actually look like a boat! We recommend you go through this activity once on your own. Once you have the boat making down like the paper boat making pro we know you are, then gather your kiddos, all the art supplies you can handle and let them go to town creating fun and unique paper boats. If you only plan to make paper boats you are done! Grab your boats, pretend to be pirates, discover new islands and buried treasure while at your local body of water or using a pan in the comfort of your own home. If you are planning on making cardboard boats read on! Cardboard Boats Cardboard boats can come in many shapes and sizes so the sky is the limit. You can make a boat to float a human! How crazy is that! For the purpose of this activity we decided that it would be a great idea to make cardboard boats for our matchbox cars and little dolls. While we could list the steps we took, we won't and will instead let your kiddos imagination take over in designing their boats. Here are ours! Tag us on instagram @embeba_family with the photos of your boats!