Our Journey: From Vietnamese Roots to Your Family's Sensitive Skincare Routine

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, My and I, the founders of Embeba, want to share a piece of our personal journey. As first-generation Vietnamese immigrants, we've infused our heritage, our personal trials, and our love for family into every Embeba innovative solutions.

When we became parents, we experienced the worry and helplessness of watching your child struggle with skin issues. Our little ones deal with rashes, eczema, and persistent itchiness; nothing on the market seemed to provide lasting relief. It was heartbreaking.

Remembering our roots, we turned to the natural remedies used by our parents and grandparents in Vietnam. Inspired by these traditional approaches and personal struggles, we embarked on a mission to reinvent family skin health.

Bridging Generations with Skincare

We wanted to create solutions that combined the wisdom of our Vietnamese heritage with modern scientific knowledge. But it had to be more than just effective—it needed to be natural, gentle, and stress-free for parents.

After countless hours of research, formulation, and testing (on ourselves, not animals!), we introduced Embeba. Our products provide relief for common skin issues like rashes, eczema, and itchiness using generation-tested remedies in a convenient, mess-free approach. Every time we hear from a parent whose child found relief using Embeba, it warms our hearts. It’s a reminder of why we started this journey.

Inspiring the Next Generation

As we carved our path in the skincare industry, we realized that we were doing more than just creating products. As a women-owned business, we were setting an example for our children and the next generation of AAPI women entrepreneurs.

Our journey has had its share of challenges, but every step has been worth it. We’re so proud to be part of a community of strong, resilient AAPI women making a difference.

Join Us in Celebrating and Supporting Our Heritage

This AAPI Heritage Month, we invite you to celebrate with us and show your support for the AAPI community. Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Support AAPI Businesses: Whether it's trying a new skincare routine inspired by Vietnamese remedies, dining at a local Asian restaurant, or shopping at AAPI-owned businesses, your support makes a difference.
  • Amplify AAPI Voices: Share stories and posts from AAPI individuals and organizations on your social media platforms. Amplification can help raise awareness and foster understanding.
  • Donate to AAPI Organizations: Consider donating to nonprofit organizations that support the AAPI community. Even small donations can have a big impact.
  • Stand Against Racism: Speak up against racism, discrimination, and stereotypes that harm the AAPI community. Use your voice to promote inclusivity and respect for all.

Our heritage is our strength, and we’re excited to share that strength with you, one EmBeba solution at a time. Join us in celebrating and supporting the AAPI community this month and every month.


Thai-Anh & My


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