Conquering Infant Allergies, EmBeba's Founder Journey to a Safe & Allergy-Free Home (Tips Included!)

Happy family enjoying an allergy-friendly breakfast with logos of EmBeba, Tiny Health, and Holle Baby Food promoting Food Allergy Awareness Month.

March marks EmBeba's Food Allergy Awareness Month, a time we dedicate to shedding light on an incredibly important topic that affects families nationwide. In our commitment to education and support, we've partnered with the amazing teams at Tiny Health and Holle to bring you a series of educational contents focused on navigating the challenges of food allergies. With over 5.6 million children in the U.S. suffering from food allergies each year (, understanding and managing these conditions becomes essential for the wellbeing of our little ones.

When Thai-Anh Hoang, co-founder of EmBeba, welcomed her son Zander into the world, she envisioned a journey filled with joy and discovery. However, just two weeks into his new life at home, an unexpected challenge emerged. Zander's weight began to plummet, and his skin developed significant rashes and eczema, leading to a diagnosis on the verge of "failure to thrive" — a situation no parent ever wants to face.

The Road to Diagnosis and Management

The journey to understanding Zander’s health issues was arduous. With the dedication of their amazing pediatrician and the specialists at Boston Children's Hospital, Zander was finally diagnosed with nine common allergies and esophagitis. This diagnosis was a pivotal moment, necessitating a crash course in dietary management and lifestyle adjustments for the entire family.

Key Insights and Strategies for an Allergy-Free Household

Early Engagement with Healthcare Professionals

Consulting with specialists was crucial in understanding Zander’s conditions and planning our approach. It's imperative for parents not to hesitate to seek expert advice.

The Importance of Moisturizing

Regular moisturizing, essential in Zander's skincare routine, highlighted the critical need for the right hypoallergenic products to effectively manage his skin conditions. This insight is foundational to EmBeba's mission, driving us to develop natural, effective solutions to support families in their journey with care and understanding.

Education is Key

We had to educate ourselves about allergens meticulously, understanding triggers to make safer choices for Zander. This knowledge is power for any family navigating similar paths.

Whole Family Involvement

Transitioning to an allergy-free household requires everyone's participation and willingness to adjust their eating habits and lifestyle, ensuring a safe environment for the allergic member.

Discovering New Foods Together

Finding substitutes for common allergens became an adventure, making mealtime inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, especially Zander.

Creating Safe Spaces

Designating specific areas in our kitchen for allergen-free food preparation and storage was crucial in preventing cross-contamination and ensuring Zander's safety.

Thai-Anh’s family journey is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of parents and caregivers facing the challenge of severe allergies in their children. It illustrates that, with the right support and adjustments, families can create a nurturing, allergy-free environment for their children to thrive.

This personal experience not only changed Thai-Anh’s family life but also inspired the foundation of EmBeba. By sharing this story, we aim to offer solutions and support for other families navigating similar paths, emphasizing that managing allergies in infants, while challenging, is filled with opportunities for growth, learning, and profound love.

For additional resources on managing eczema and skin sensitivities, visit National Eczema Association and

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