From One Mom to Another: Winter Skincare Tips

From One Mom to Another: Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can be harsh on the skin, and winter skincare typically involves a separate and often more involved routine than we'd normally have for the rest of the year.

From the mindful moms here at EmBeba, here are our best tips to keep skin from flaring up during the colder months:

Tip #1 Body Care isn't Just for Summer

It’s tempting to speed up showering in winter, especially with that chilly bathroom tile. But don’t forget that skin health goes far beyond a glowing face. As you bundle for the colder temperatures, dry skin can be prevalent on shins, feet and elbows, so take that time to care for your body long before spring approaches.

Tip #2 Go Gentle on Cleansing

Swap those harsher, sebum-stripping cleansers and toners for gentler emulsion-based versions in winter. This is to ensure your skin isn’t stripped of its nourishing lipids that are so important throughout winter climates and dry interiors.
Emulsion cleansers come in a variety of forms, including gel-to-milk and foaming wash off lotions to regular cream cleansers that can be removed with cosmetic pads or a damp face cloth.

Tip #3 Wash in Lukewarm Water

We know you love a really hot shower on a really cold day like we do. But… when your hands are under siege from harsh weather, they are drier, more prone to chapping, and can easily become very sore - especially between the fingers. By washing your face and hands and in tepid water you avoid stripping them of their lipids. As always, moisturise immediately.

Washing with cooler water at the start and end of a shower can help increase overall circulation by stimulating your skin’s blood flow. If you aren’t keen on lingering in the bathroom on those cold days (we see you) , take a look at in-shower lotions to help speed up your body care. In-shower lotions are emulsions applied on damp skin, literally right in the shower after washing, and help lock in residual water on the skin.


Tip #4 Switch it Up

Time to swap or switch! In winter, it’s best to replace your routine with facial skincare products that don’t strip away natural oils and affect your skin biome. Wash your face in lukewarm water and use gentle, light oil-based or gel-to-milk cleansers or micellar waters. Apply nourishing serums under your moisturiser to give skin an extra boost of radiance. Apply richer day and night creams to give your face that deep nourishment it deserves.

Tip #5 Don't Forget Your Feet

Though they’re likely layered in socks and boots, here to remind you: don’t forget about your feet! Without regular maintenance through exfoliation and moisturising, they can develop callouses and irritable, hard, dry skin. Making time for some extra care can be a welcome winter weekend ritual rather than a chore, Rumor has it, our Rescue Balm is perfect to repair and nourish your feet.

You, from head to toe, deserve some TLC in these winter months. Go gentle on yourself and give these tips above a try.

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