Kids Activity Bingo

Kids activities can be challenging during this time when we are all hunkered down in our homes and limiting our outings. With that in mind we have developed our own version of BINGO. It is perfect on so many levels. It will help your littles and bigs to get their wiggles out, stay active, work on matching and fine and gross motor skills! To get your downloadable version join our mailing list! Here is how to play our Kids Activity BINGO
  1. Join our mailing list to get your PDF's
  2. Print out all three sheets
  3. Have your kids cut out the sheet with all the letter "E's"
  4. Next have your kiddos cut out the sheet with the labels on each image.
  5. Place cut out activities in a bowl, hat or some kind of container
  6. Have you kids take turns pull out a card from your bowl.
  7. Each kid performs what is on the card
  8. Place a letter "E" card on each square you complete.

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