EmBeba Clean

Our products are EmBeba Clean! This means we take our ingredients very seriously, and hold them to higher standards than the current industry standard. We are transparent with our families on all the ingredients that are used and why they are there. 

EmBeba believes in creating solution-driven products steeped in tradition with generation-tested ingredients around the world.  We try to replicate these remedies as closely as possible, while maintaining efficacy and safety for our families, especially the littlest ones.  Our philosophy is to bring these hidden gems back and make them even better with the help of modern technology.

As such, CLEAN family skincare for us at EmBeba means the following:

Naturally-derived, safe, effective ingredients

We believe nature provides many ingredients that we can use, that are both safe and high in boosting the effectiveness of the remedies in our products. Ingredients that stabilize the product for safety purposes and improve the efficacy of the remedies, without being harmful to the most sensitive skin. Basically, ingredients are taken from nature and modified to make our products both safe and effective for all ages! A combination that can be hard to find.

No yucky stuff

Our products don’t contain any ingredients that are banned from both the Whole Foods Market Banned Ingredient List and EU Cosmetic Safety Standards, which are stricter than the US FDA regulations. To give you an idea, the US FDA bans around 30 harmful chemicals, whereas the EU Cosmetic Safety Standards ban over 1,300. We follow the latter.

Free of fragrance and essential oils

Synthetic fragrances can contain harmful ingredients and ingredients that are not disclosed to the buyer. This can be unsafe for people who have sensitive skin or allergies (or those who don’t know if they have either of those), since they don’t know what is actually in their products and how they might react to it. While many companies use essential oils as a natural alternative to fragrance, many people find their skin negatively reacts to the strength of the oils. Essential oils can also be unsafe for babies and young children’s skin.


Animal testing is not something you will find from EmBeba. We like to let our products do the most amount of good with the least amount of harm, including testing on animals.

Stringent product testing

Here at EmBeba, we place a strong emphasis on testing during formulation and production. This includes clinical testing overseen by a pediatrician and a dermatologist for microbial, yeast and mold, heavy metal, and pesticide testing. You won’t find any of those in our products!

After reading about our conscientious view of clean products, we hope you understand the care and precision with which we source, formulate, and develop our products. We are glad you are here and are excited for you to join our EmBeba Clean family!

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