Educational Gifts to Give Your Kids this Christmas


Looking for something other than pajamas to give your kids this Christmas? Try something fun and educational! Here are some small businesses that specialize in educational toys and gifts.

Rahoo Baby

Whether it's their baby products, medically backed podcast for parents, or developmental videos on how to play with your baby like an expert, the overall mission of Rahoo Baby is to bring clinically-validated tools and education from the clinic or hospital, directly to a parents living room to help you spark your own baby's development! Their best selling product, the Learn & Lounge, can be found on our website, Amazon, or BuyBuy Baby.

Rahoo baby

Little Dragon

LIttle Dragon Toys is a community of child-development experts. They share tips, tools, and toys to help parents spend quality time with their children! Their resources help with children’s development, as well as parents in everyday situations.

Check out their toys here:

Free parenting content and printables here:

fly little dragon download



Xyza (pronounced zy-zah) is an independent newspaper for kids that ships all over the world! Xyza news stories cover everything from politics, world events, science, technology, arts, environment and more, all just for kids. Plus, the Junior Reporter program and news trivia keeps kids engaged and connected with the news!

Subscribe to print and/or web access with discount code  "holidays2020" today to receive the latest issue of Xyza newspaper delivered to your doorstep.

Subscribe at

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Mouse Loves Pig

Mouse Loves Pig toys foster the kind of soft skills and self-exploration that cannot be taught through skill-building play alone. Their idea is that kids need open-ended, self-directed play to develop the kind of confidence that will help them become the non-conformist idea makers of tomorrow.

Check them out here:

Mouse Loves Pig Products


Let screen time become meaningful by letting kids create! Instead of telling your kids to get off the screens, PopSmartKids is a platform that helps parents and kids connect together by working together. PopSmartKids’ products help kids develop their storytelling skills via writing, drawing, and more, and allowing the parents to contribute to the story.

Popsmartkids image


What are your favorite educational gifts your kids have gotten?

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