Best Skincare Balm for Rashes on Baby skin

The first time you find rashes on a baby's skin or a red rash on a baby's face, as a parent it’s common to feel some panic! However, fortunately and unfortunately, rashes are a common problem in children, and diaper rash is even more common -- most babies wear diapers pretty much all the time, making the delicate and soft skin of the baby rub and fold continuously, leading to diaper rash. Some allergies, be it fungal or bacterial, can also cause redness on baby’s face as well.

You can anticipate diaper rashes on baby skin bothering your baby's bottom and internal thighs to be an issue as long as your little one is wearing the diapers. In any case, these tips and treatment ideas should assist with dealing with that troublesome problem. In this article we will discuss how a diaper rash is caused, and when you should pull out the diaper rash cream.

What causes rash?

There are numerous factors that frequently add to your baby's diaper rash and red rash on baby’s face, including:

Dirty diapers

Most rashes are set off by prolonged exposure to dirty diapers. The chemicals in your baby's poop can bother his/her sensitive skin. Wetness (when are babies not wet?) can likewise make those chubby cheeks more susceptible to rashes.

Diaper friction

At the point when your baby's delicate skin folds or rubs against one itself, or against the actual diaper, it can cause skin irritation and trigger a rash. 


The chemical components in disposable diapers, wipes, shower items, baby creams and clothing cleansers all are common irritants to baby's sensitive skin, and can cause diaper rash.

Changes in diet

A breastfed baby's stool can change in consistency and recurrence dependent on what mom eats. You may see diaper rash again when your baby begins eating solids and is exposed to more food sources. 

Since that practically summarizes what your baby's bottom is exposed to for the greater part of the day and night, it makes sense when they struggle through the night or day due to diaper rash.

Is diaper rash cream necessary?

Prevention is the best remedy for both diaper rash and redness on baby’s face. Spreading a thick, protective layer of cream or ointment on a baby's bottom in the wake of cleaning it at changing time can help with preventing diaper rash or ease a current rash. Each baby bottom is different, so test to see which diaper rash cream turns out best for treating and preventing diaper rash on your little one. 

Before you spread the balm or cream on baby's bottom, make sure his/her skin is totally dry. Dampness caught underneath the balm or cream can make diaper rash more probable or won’t protect the diaper rash. Make certain to slather it on thickly and delicately. Try not to stress over eliminating it totally at every diaper change, but rather being consistent with applying it. Rubbing and cleaning is probably going to harm your baby's skin and make it more rash-prone. 

Why is our cream the best pick?


No more messy diaper creams or butt paste! With EmBeba's exceptional push-stick model, our organic diaper rash balm is a diaper rash soother and full-body rash balm. Never stress over ruining your costly diaper bag, or making a mess in the changing room again. Simply open, push, apply, and go - happy mom, happy baby!


Our diaper balm is pediatrician tried and dermatologist supported. With hands down the most secure, organic ingredients, EmBeba diaper rash cream provides a safe, successful balm for infants and toddlers...even those with the most delicate skin on the body and face. Our items pass FDA regulations and are EU and Whole Foods compliant.


When your baby has a diaper rash, all they need is relief and comfort. EmBeba gives an effective, inflammation-relieving diaper rash treatment for your baby's bum. Produced using ingredients uncommonly known to alleviate and ease skin irritations with a simple swipe. 


No more sticky fingers from a container of baby vaseline or pressing from a container of muddled rash cream - just gently rub the magical stick directly onto any part of the baby's body!


Our organic diaper rash cream packaging is designed considering your kid! This diaper cream applicator is made from cardboard, making it reusable and biodegradable. It's made with a coloring page on the inside layer, and transforms what could be a simple diaper balm into endless fun and simplicity for the entire family.


We at EmBeba test our products before they come on the market. We know how precious your child is to you and how even the slightest discomfort to your child can be unbearable. Since childcare is already a task in itself, our stick-like balm helps parents to use it on their child with greater ease and provide faster comfort to the child. Visit to get your balm!

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