Best Post-Partum Recovery Products

As a mom who has navigated the challenges of two difficult births and grappled with post-partum depression twice, I deeply understand the importance of nurturing oneself in order to heal and be the best mother possible. It's from this place of personal experience and compassion that I'm honored to share with you, as part of our Post-Partum "Love Yourself" Awareness month, a collection of products that have been lifelines for me and our team of moms at EmBeba during the initial months of motherhood and beyond.

The journey through motherhood begins with one of the most transformative experiences a woman can go through: childbirth. The post-partum period is a time of immense physical and emotional adjustment, and having the right support products can make all the difference. At EmBeba, our team of moms—who have experienced everything from natural births to C-sections—has curated a list of essential products to support new moms in this new journey. These products have been selected by the EmBeba team of moms for moms, understanding the unique needs and challenges of the post-partum period. Whether you’re recovering from a natural birth or a C-section, this selection aims to support and enhance your recovery journey, helping you to feel nurtured and cared for during this transformative time. Here's to your health, recovery, and the journey of motherhood.

From one mom to another - Thai-Anh ❤️

For Pain Relief and Healing 

PURE BODY NATURALS - Sitz Bath Salt (10 Oz, $13.95)

Sitz Bath Salt – Postpartum Care and Hemorrhoid Treatment – Natural Soak for Self Care and Hemmoroid Treatment - Post Partum Essentials, 10 Oz, by Pure Body Naturals
These natural sitz bath salts are not just beneficial for soothing post-partum recovery; they're essential. By easing discomfort from stitches, hemorrhoids, and perineal swelling, they help accelerate the healing process. The therapeutic minerals and the ability to create a relaxing spa-like experience at home make them a must-have for new mothers seeking natural relief and faster recuperation.

Pochik Store - Collapsible Sitz Bath Toilet Seat ($20.99)

Sitz Bath, Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids, Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat, Postpartum Care, Sits Bath Kit for Women, Collapsible, Flusher Hose, Drain Holes, Wider Seating Area, Deeper Bowl

This tool transforms a simple sitz bath into an accessible and straightforward healing ritual, critical for soothing and healing the perineal area after childbirth. Its importance lies in its convenience and the role it plays in daily post-partum care, promoting cleanliness and comfort when it's needed most. The collapsible design adds to its indispensability by ensuring it can be easily stored and maintained, making it a cornerstone of post-partum hygiene and recovery.

TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads (100 Pads, $7.68)

TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads, 100 Count – Pads with Witch Hazel, Cleanses Sensitive Areas, Protects from Irritation, Hemorrhoid Treatment, Medicated Pads Used By Hospitals

These medicated cooling pads are not just beneficial; they're indispensable for post-partum recovery. The infusion of witch hazel provides immediate relief from hemorrhoids and perineal swelling, addressing two of the most common and uncomfortable post-partum issues. Their essential role in soothing itching and irritation further underscores their must-have status in any post-partum care kit, offering a simple yet effective method for enhancing comfort during recovery.

PURE ENRICHMENT PureRelief® XL Heating Pad ($34.99)

Pure Enrichment® PureRelief® XL Heating Pad - 12" x 24" Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain & Cramps, 6 Heat Settings, FSA/HSA Eligible, Soft Machine Wash Fabric, Auto-Off & Moist Heat (Charcoal Gray)

Offering adjustable heat settings and a soft, washable fabric, this heated pad is a critical component for alleviating back pain, cramps, or general discomfort associated with post-partum recovery. Its essentiality comes from its versatility and the targeted therapy it provides, ensuring that new moms can find relief for aching muscles and joints. The large size and ease of use make it a fundamental tool for comfort and healing during the post-partum period, emphasizing its importance in managing and mitigating pain.

For Recovery and Comfort

Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Kit ($88.99)

C-Section Recovery Kit for Labor, Delivery, & Postpartum| Socks, Peri Bottle, Disposable Underwear, Abdominal Support Binder, Shower Wipes, Silicone Scar Patches, Toiletry Bag

Essential for C-section recovery, offering comfort and support with easy-to-use essentials tailored for post-operative needs. This kit is a must have as it addresses the unique healing process of a C-section incision, helping to reduce infection risk and support wound healing.

NINJA MAMA Disposable Postpartum Underwear (5 Count, $15.99)

Ninja Mama Disposable Postpartum Underwear (Without Pad) with Storage Pouch. Washable Mesh Panties for Women (5 Count). Labour and Delivery Maternity Surgical C Section Hospital Bag - One Size

Offers convenience and hygienic support for the initial days after childbirth, accommodating post-partum pads effortlessly. Their awesomeness lies in their soft, stretchy design that respects the sensitive post-partum body while ensuring cleanliness and comfort.

MOLASUS Women's C-Section Cotton Underwear ($17.59-$33.60)

Molasus Women's Cotton Underwear High Waisted Full Coverage Ladies Panties (Regular & Plus Size)

High-waisted, full-coverage panties designed for post-C-section comfort and healing. They are crucial for avoiding irritation around the incision site and providing gentle compression to support abdominal muscles.

MOOLIDA Abdominal Binder Post Surgery ($19.99)

Abdominal Binder Post Surgery for Men and Women, Postpartum Belly Band, Hernia Belt Stomach Compression Wrap for Hernia Surgery, C-Section, Natural Birth, Abdominal Injuries,Nude,XL

Provides abdominal and back support, aiding in recovery and comfort post-childbirth. It's essential for facilitating a quicker recovery by stabilizing the abdomen and supporting the lower back.

EmBeba Rescue Balm ($13.31)

Rescue Balm, Natural Roll On Lip Balm and Hand Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Face, Lips, and Hands, Compact & Travel Friendly Skin Care Solution for Dry, Chapped, Irritated Skin, 0.23 oz, 1 Pack

A versatile and gentle solution for soothing and healing sensitive skin, the EmBeba Rescue Balm is indispensable for post-partum care. Crafted with natural ingredients, it's perfect for addressing a variety of skin irritations that new moms may face, including relieving itching and chapping from nipples, making it an essential addition to any post-partum recovery kit. Its formulation is designed to be safe for both moms and babies, providing peace of mind while nurturing skin back to health.

For Breastfeeding Support

MOMCOZY Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding (Hands-Free Pumping Bra)  ($29.99 - $30.99)

Visit the Momcozy Store Momcozy Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding, YN21 Seamless Ultra Comfort Maternity Bra, Natural Shape, Pregnancy Sleep Bralette

Facilitates easy breastfeeding and supports moms during pumping sessions with hands-free convenience. Its importance can't be overstated, as it allows for multitasking and reduces the stress of being tethered to a pump, making the breastfeeding journey smoother.

KINDRED BRAVELY Sublime Hands-Free Sports Pumping Bra ($50.99)

Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Sports Pumping Bra | Patented All-in-One Pumping & Nursing Sports Bra

Merges nursing and sports bra functionalities, perfect for active moms seeking comfort during nursing and physical activities. This bra is critical for providing the necessary support and freedom for moms to stay active and healthy without compromising their breastfeeding routine.

MOMCOZY Hands-Free Lactation Massager ($69.99)

Momcozy Hands-Free Lactation Massager, Maximum Heat & Vibration Area for Faster Milk Flow, Soft Warming Breast Massager for Easier Breastfeeding, Pumping, 2 Pack

Helps alleviate breastfeeding challenges like engorgement and blocked ducts with heat and vibration to stimulate milk flow. It's essential for promoting lactation, easing discomfort, and preventing common breastfeeding issues that can lead to early weaning.

EmBeba Rescue Balm ($13.31)

Rescue Balm, Natural Roll On Lip Balm and Hand Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Face, Lips, and Hands, Compact & Travel Friendly Skin Care Solution for Dry, Chapped, Irritated Skin, 0.23 oz, 1 Pack

It's worth mentioning again that the EmBeba Rescue Balm is a must-have for any breastfeeding or pumping mom. Its versatility in soothing and preventing chapped, cracked nipples and skin makes it an indispensable part of your nursing toolkit. Notably, the Rescue Balm is applied as a sheer swipe, avoiding the gooey mess often associated with traditional nipple creams. While it offers significant relief and aids in the healing of sensitive, irritated skin, making the breastfeeding journey more comfortable, it's essential to note that, as with all creams applied around the nipples, best practice dictates wiping clean before breastfeeding. This ensures the utmost safety and comfort for both mother and baby, reinforcing the Rescue Balm's critical role in breastfeeding support.

For Post-Partum and Lactation Support Services

Nurture by NAPS

Offers comprehensive support for new moms, including lactation consulting and post-partum care. Their services are designed to provide personalized assistance and guidance through the challenges of breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby. By integrating services like Nurture by NAPS into our list, we acknowledge the importance of expert advice and emotional support during this transformative time. This addition emphasizes our commitment to holistic post-partum care, recognizing that physical products and professional support services together create the best environment for recovery and bonding with your new baby.


Embracing motherhood comes with its set of challenges, but with the right products and support, the journey can be significantly smoother. We hope this curated list of essentials from the EmBeba team helps you navigate the post-partum period with more ease and comfort. Remember, taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your little one. Here's to a healthy, happy recovery and the incredible journey of motherhood ahead.


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