3 Fun Earth Day 2021 Kids’ Activities!

It’s Earth Day! As our only home planet, let’s take care of our earth and the beautiful resources she provides for us by teaching our kids to care for her as well. Here are some fun activity ideas to do together to celebrate earth day — don’t forget to use this time to get a conversation started about why taking care of our earth is important!

Earth Day Sensory Bin

You will need:

  • a cardboard box
  • whatever you have in your recycling bin
  • scissors
  • a small bowl
  • some ingredients from nature
  • water

After you have grabbed your other materials, head outside and grab some materials from nature such as moss, grass, leaves, pinecones, stones, dirt, etc. Bring them inside, and use your creativity to arrange them in the box into a semblance of a landscape, and fill the small bowl with water to be like a “pond”. Use the scissors to cut the materials in your recycling bin to use as people, animals, houses, furniture, etc., and let your kiddo’s imagination run wild playing in their new sensory bin made with natural and recycled materials!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

You will need:

  • an Earth Day scavenger hunt list! (you can download it to your phone instead of printing it out to save paper!)
  • pen or pencil if using paper
  • a bag per person
  • a small bag or recycled bin for trash

First, make the scavenger hunt list (or you can find a good one to download)! Include things from nature like pinecones, flowers, bugs, and other things local to your area. You can even get your kids involved in making the list by asking them what they think they will see outside, and writing down their answers. Make sure to include “trash” or “manmade things” on the list, too! This can help get a conversation started on where trash is meant to go so it doesn’t get into our streets, forests, and oceans and harm nature, and to talk about recycling and the importance of it. Next, go out to a local park, walk down the street, and/or just head out to your yard and see what you find! Check things off the list and collect them if you’d like, being sure to put any trash into the trash bag. Once you check everything off your scavenger hunt list and throw away the trash, wash your hands and treat yourselves to a fun ice cream snack as a reward! 

No-sew T-shirt Bag

You will need:

  • scissors
  • an old t-shirt
  • chalk for marking

Got old t-shirts lying around that you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t want to wear? Upcycle them into useful bags! First, cut off the sleeves and the neckline, leaving a tank top-like look (these will be the handles). Then, find the length you want your bag to be, add three inches, and mark it. Cut off any excess. Next, cut a 1” wide an 2” long fringe along the bottom of the t-shirt. Turn the t-shirt inside out and start tying the back and front fringe together. Once done, turn the bag back inside out and your upcycled tote is ready for groceries, produce, trick-or-treat, toys, or anything else you decide to carry in it!


Which one did you choose to do? Or did you do all of them? Tag us with your creations @embebafamily !