Having trouble with baby eczema? We feel you! After experiencing eczema and other skin issues with our littles, we’ve become passionate about helping fellow moms find the best baby eczema treatment. Here are some ways you can treat your baby’s eczema:

Make some lifestyle changes

Figure out triggers for your baby’s eczema. A lot of times these are fragrances and other chemicals in detergents, chemicals on new clothing, and ingredients in popular shampoos and lotions. Even products advertised as just being for babies can have lots of harmful chemicals and fragrances in them. Ditch the mainstream brands and start using more natural, fragrance- and chemical-free soaps and detergents -- this can make a big difference!

Food can also be a trigger for eczema depending on the child. Doing an elimination diet can help find what foods may trigger your baby’s eczema, and eliminating the top 8 allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, etc.) first is a good place to start. If breastfeeding, you as the mother can do this elimination diet. If formula feeding, switching to a dairy-free formula for a couple weeks could be worth it to see if it makes a difference.

Get a good topical treatment

Many people use store-bought lotions to treat baby eczema, and while some may be effective to a degree, many products have the problem we mentioned before; chemicals and fragrances that are harmful to sensitive skin! So what is the best product for baby eczema treatment? An all-natural, gentle, effective balm like our EmBeba Don’t Be Rash balm. Finding a balm that is natural, meaning no fragrances, fillers, preservatives, etc. but that also doesn’t contain essential oils is imperative; essential oils can also harm sensitive skin. It also helps to find a product that is mold and heavy metals residue tested to ensure no toxins are sneaking onto your baby’s skin!

Finding the triggers and the right products for your baby’s skin can be time consuming, but is worth it! Figuring these things out will give your baby, and your family, a better quality of life.